Creating art
In the EVBK, artists* meet, no matter whether they just started their career as young talents or whether they already are established artists*. They can be autodidacts or master students* of art academies, experienced artists* or beginners. They can be artists* from the fields of graphics, painting, sculpture, photography and multimedia. In their works they express their views, attitudes, emotions and artistic skills. The EVBK is their forum that presents their works and brings it into society.

Experiencing art
The annual exhibition of the EVBK in the cloister of the former Prüm Abbey is the central annual event and a representative show of the current art scene in the extended Eifel-Ardennes region, which since 1957 also includes artists* from neighboring centers such as Liège, Aachen, Cologne, Koblenz, Trier and Luxembourg. An international jury selects the works that will be shown at the exhibition. At the annual opening the renowned „Kaiser-Lothar-Preis“ of the city of Prüm and the EVBK-Förderpreis „Youngster Award“ are awarded. Further exhibitions of the works then take place in the Eifel-Ardennes region.

Creating community
Everyone can become a member of the EVBK, whether artist* or not. Membership is also open to institutions and companies. However, they must stand by the values of the European Enlightenment: personal freedom, democracy, social justice and peace. It is particularly important that they support the European unification project. In this spirit, artists* from Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Germany form a network within the EVBK. The EVBK deepens cross-border personal contacts through events and cooperation with artists‘ associations and art academies of the Eifel-Ardennes region.

Crossing borders
The works of the EVBK annual exhibition show representative tendencies of the current art scene in the Eifel-Ardennes region. The synopsis of works of different cultural and artistic currents from Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany opens up an exciting and creative debate between the participating artists*. This also includes the visitors* of the exhibitions. The EVBK supports all direct encounters of artists* in the greater Eifel-Ardennes Region and the formation of networks.