We have compiled the most important information for you in English below.

Board of Directors of the EVBK
Every three years a new chairman/chairwoman as head of the executive committee of the EVBK and the other members of the board are elected at a general meeting. They are representatives of the four countries Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Germany. The mayor* of Prüm is a permanent member of the board. A managing director* with advisory capacity is a member of the board, too. – continue reading

History of the EVBK
The Second World War had covered the Eifel-Ardennes region with death and suffering, devastated most of its towns in the so-called „Ardennes Offensive“ in 1944 or, like the Belgian town of St. Vith, completely destroyed them. A few years after this catastrophe, however, the old neighbors on both sides of the nations’ borders met again and, in 1955, rebuilt destroyed border bridges and founded the „European Association Eifel-Ardennes“ (EVEA). – continue reading

In the EVBK, artists* meet, no matter whether they just started their career as young talents or whether they already are established artists*. They can be autodidacts or master students* of art academies, experienced artists* or beginners. They can be artists* from the fields of graphics, painting, sculpture, photography and multimedia. In their works they express their views, attitudes, emotions and artistic skills. The EVBK is their forum that presents their works and brings it into society. – continue reading

The “Kaiser-Lothar-Preis”
The “Kaiser-Lothar-Preis” has been awarded since 1958 and – according to the statutes of the EVBK – is intended to contribute to deepening the European idea. The prize is donated by the city of Prüm. It is endowed. A commitment to the European idea and contacts in neighboring countries are still criteria for the selection of the prize winners* today. But the artistic development in recent years plays an important role in the selection process, too. – continue reading

The „EVBK Youngster Award”
Since 1993 the „EVBK Youngster Award”, promoting young artists, has been given to winners, who may not be any older than 35. Applicants have submitted two pieces of their works of art to the annual exhibition. Criteria are the youngsters’ artistic development over the past years and an outstanding artistic quality of their current works of art. The prize money is donated by the Kreissparkasse Bitburg-Prüm. – continue reading